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15 Gifts For The Phan In Your Life

Everyone needs to show their llamarmy pride!

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6. This Ridiculous Phone Case - $15.00+

jonnarogers / Via

If Phil's extreme and unwavering excitement coupled with Dan's "pHiL!! U0U0U0U153464" doesn't perfectly describe these two, I don't know what does. Get it here.

7. This TRXYE Inspired PHAN Mug - $15.00

Susanna Olmi / Via

For sipping your preferred drink while answering internet support group questions. You might need a stiff one after hearing some of the problems people tell you about. Get it here.


10. This Awesome Throw Pillow - $21.49

Hunter-Nerd / Via

Now you can watch television, movies, and browse the internet (in the browsing position, of course) with Dan and Phil right there with you — well, a pillow version of them anyways. Get it here.


14. This T-Shirt So People Know Where You Get Your Vocal Ticks - $24.80

amereaglnkk / Via

Now your family knows why you've been working the word placenta into conversation way more than is normal for most humans, and have been ranting about a non-existent but impossible game that you can only win if you never play. Get it here.

15. These Leggings - $49.00

Dominique Demetz / Via

In case absolutely nothing else shows how serious of a phan you are, then you can purchase a pair of these leggings covered exclusively in a whiskered derp face of Dan. Get them here.

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