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Special: Goth Rosary's Top 13 Fragrances

I've mentioned Goth Rosary several times now. They create all-natural fragrances with darker, Gothic leanings. You can purchase them at I decided to treat myself to a sampler set of all 22 scents, and spent a wonderful couple of weeks wearing a different one every day. I found all of them unique, interesting and really appealing, especially to one of Gothic sensibilities! Moreover, I found them very kind to my skin; I'm allergic to alcohol-based scents, and found these oils gave me no reactions at all! Below, I've reviewed my top 13 fragrances from Goth Rosary's collection. I strongly recommend all Goths, male and female alike, should check them out! (you can find the Goth types featured here on my deviantArt account,

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13. "Funeral Flowers"

12. "Fairy Wings"

11. "Season's Greedings"

10. "Heathen"

9. "Samhain"

8. "Vanilla Hell"

7. "Graveyard"

6. "Wasted Youth"

5. "Dervish"

4. "Vexing"

3. "Black Wings"

2. "Shadows"

1. "Nocturnal"

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