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13 Gothic Unicorn Goodies

Seeing as we'll soon be entering the Chinese Year of Horse, and since Unicorns are rather trendy in the alternative fashion world right now (they mix really with the "ironically cute and/or kitsch" sentiment of Nu Goth and Pastel Goth), I thought I'd feature 13 Unicorn-themed goodies that Goths might appreciate

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1. Pewter Unicorn Brooch


Firstly, here's a unicorn brooch that's really elegant, and not in any way girly or tacky. Made from British pewter and inspired by heraldic designs, Spiral's lovely unicorn brooch will appeal to Goths with a sense of history and style

3. "Go To Hell" T-shirt with Unicorn


Definitely one for the Nu Goths and Pastel Goths! What could be more ironic than a My Little Pony-esque unicorns, rainbows, occult symbols and a clear expression of how you feel?

5. Celtic Unicorn Plaque


It might feature a pretty unicorn, but with the black Celtic border and purple background I don't think this wall plaque would look too out of place in a Gothic layer! One for little Goth princesses, perhaps?

11. Hobby Unicorn


This is such a cute concept, and there's something rather Pagan about hobby horses too. And these lovely handmade hobby unicorns can of course be ordered in black. A great toy for a Baby Bat Gothling!

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