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13 Gothic Mother's Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (March 30th), the stores are already filling up with pretty, flowery cards and gifts. But if your mum’s more darkly-inclined, it can be tough to find something suitable amid all the cutesy bunnies and angels and ribbons. Here’s 13 recommendations to help you find the perfect way to say thank you to Goth mums….

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1. Moon Sprite Greetings Card


Of course, the simplest gift of all is a greeting's card with a heartfelt message inside. But rather than going with the Mother’s Day cards, why not pick something different, like this darkly charming gothic faerie “Moon Sprite” card? The Moon is one of the most ancient symbols of womanhood, after all.

£2.75 (Moon Dragon Cards)

2. "Elegance" Cupcake Cases (you make the cakes!)


I’m sure most mothers like something handmade on Mother’s Day, and no doubt Goth mums would LOVE some handmade cupcakes served in these fancy black and white cases!

£2.80 (Amazon)

3. “Can’t Wait Demeter” Goth Rosary Perfume


Perfume is classic gift for women of all ages, and you’re sure to find something appropriate for a goth mum at Goth Rosary. I would suggest “Can’t Wait Demeter” – it’s a lovely soft, comforting scent, and of course the name suggests the strong bonds of motherhood between the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone.

$9.99 (Goth Rosary)

4. Angela Carter's “Book Of Fairy Tales”


I’ve never met a Goth who didn’t like to read, so why not treat your mum to a suitably dark and romantic book? If you want to go for something celebrating womanhood, Angela Carter’s always a good author to turn to, and I find her collection of fairy tales extremely delightful. Plus it might take your mum back to the times when she read you fairy tales…

£9.09 (Amazon)

5. “Gothic Divas” Album


Of course, music is one of the most important aspects of the Goth scene. You could perhaps treat your goth mum to this “Gothic Divas” compilation, a celebration of female goth musicians including Switchblade Symphony, Miranda Sex Garden and Eva O!

£13.95 (Amazon)

6. Artemis the Moon Goddess Pendant


The ultimate symbol of the power of motherhood! I’ve found a lot of different types of goddess pendants online, but I particularly like this one because it also incorporates the “triple moon” symbol of the Great Goddess in the Wiccan tradition.

$29.95 (New Age Markets)

7. “Absinthe” Victorian Peacock Mini Top Hat


A gothic spin on an old favourite! It’s traditional for ladies to wear fancy hats around Easter time, so let your mum take part in this custom in Gothic style with this gorgeous mini tophat.

$30.00 (Art of Adornment)

8. Gothic Tattered Scarf


Scarves are another timeless gift for women, and I imagine goth girls of all ages would love this stylishly worn scarf. It looks like it would work with a lot of different outfits as well.

$34.00 (Zojja)

10. Dozen Dark Chocolate Roses


A dozen roses may be more of a lover’s gift in normal circles, but roses are such a popular symbol in the Gothic subculture that I’m sure these chocolate ones would go down well on Mother’s Day!

$74.00 (

11. Illamasqua “Perfect Pout” Lipstick collection


Illamasqua are one of the most beloved cosmetic brands among goths. This amazing collection could make a wonderful gothic Mother’s Day gift.

£60.00 (Illamasqua)

13. Gothic gift hamper


These wonderful gift hampers have been marketed as wedding gifts, but I think they would be a fantastic surprise for Mother’s Day too! A mum with a dark sense of humour (and a love of toiletries) would probably appreciate the “Our Lady Bath-ory Gift Basket,” which includes “…a Blood Moon Magickal Candle, a blood-red body scrubber, and a dead ducky!”

Price on request (Amarantha’s Ashes)

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