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13 Gothic Fragrances (for Her)

The sales are still on, so now's a perfect time to pick up some cheap perfume! Below are my top 13 recommendations for Goths looking for a darkly feminine fragrance. I'll be following this up with a list of fragrances "for Him," but I don't think Goths should be afraid to wear scents intended for the opposite gender - the subculture is all about challenging convention, after all...

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13. “Fame” (Lady Gaga)


Lady Gaga might not be very Goth herself, but there’s definitely something dark about her “Fame” fragrance – the liquid itself is black! The attractive gold claw design of the bottle has a bit of Gothic appeal too. Despite this, the perfume itself is apparently very sweet and fruity, and not particularly dark or moody. Which is why it’s #13 on my list.

12. “Deep Night” (Ghost)


The bottle is certainly beautiful and evocative of creatures of the night! I have sampled this scent before, and to be honest, it wasn’t really my type – rather simple and vanilla (I prefer my scents to pack a little more punch). Still, a very romantic fragrance.

11. “Womanity” (Thierry Mugler)


At last, a perfume for a Rivethead Goth Girl! Just look at the incredible bottle – it looks like something HR Giger could have designed. Again, I have sampled this one; my mum owns a bottle, and loves it! As befitting the bottle design, the scent is utterly unique – it’s very complex, with rather masculine woody and salty notes mixed with sweetness. The closest thing it reminds me of is perhaps Japanese rice wine, which has a similar bitter-sweet scent.

10. “John Galliano”


Mr Galliano is definitely channelling a bit of Goth in this beautiful bottle design, with the dark pink fading into black, the gold rose and the “G” on the very top (“G” stands for “Gothic” too, hah!). Even the box art reminds me of that dark fairy artist Brian Froud. Even the scent is suggestive of Gothic, with notes of incense, rose and patchouli.

9. “Black XS l'Exces for her” (Paco Rabanne)


With its pink and black colour scene and silver skull and rose charms, the bottle design is 100% Rock n Roll! I am pleased to say that I own this one too. Perhaps surprisingly, the scent is sweet, floral and simple - I actually like to wear it as a daytime scent. Fans of Clan of Xymox will be pleased to know that there are jasmine and rose notes in there too.

8. “Arsenic” (Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite)


A bottle for women who prefer things a little less girly and elaborate! The stark, black design with the white beetle is certainly dark. But it’s the scent that perhaps has the most Goth appeal – the top note is absinthe.

7. “Midnight Rose” (Trésor)


I own this one as well, and I LOVE it! Aside from the elegant bottle design (especially the purple rose around the neck of the bottle), the scent is deep, dark and sweet. It reminds me of a fine red wine, if somehow you could make wine out of roses! A perfect scent for the night, in my opinion.

6. “Midnight Couture Black Eau de Minuit” (Lolita Lempicka)


The bottle is one of the most Gothic I’ve ever seen. With those twisty black leaves and rippled sides, it looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie! The dominant scent is liquorice, which no doubt many Goths will like considering it’s black…

5. “Bloom de Nuit” (Ajne)


The bottle itself is nothing short of stunning – sumptuous and ornate, it’s perfect for a Gothic Empress. With amber and citrus notes, the scent would be evocative of the Mysterious East. Ajne is a small company that prides itself in using organics ingredients, which Hippy Goths will certainly appreciate.

4. “Midnight Poison” (Dior)


The advertising for this brand featured Eva Green as a dark Cinderella, so you can tell Dior were aiming for something Gothic with this scent! And Goths won’t be disappointed – Midnight Poison has notes of patchouli and rose, both traditionally associated with the Goth scene. I’ve heard Midnight Poison being called the “ultimate femme fatale” perfume.

3. “Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for Her” (Christian Audigier)


IT’S. SHAPED. LIKE. A. SKULL. Can you really get more Goth than that? According to reviews, however, the scent is more fruity than dark, with notes of strawberry and caramel. One for Gothabillys, perhaps?

2. “Blood Kiss” (Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory)


Within the Goth community, Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory (or BPAL) is the most well-known purveyor of dark and unusual scents; they have plenty named after beloved icons in the Goth scene, including characters from Neil Gaiman works, elements from Alice in Wonderland and even Jareth from The Labyrinth. “Blood Kiss” is one of their most popular scents, which includes notes of clove, poppy and wine with lighter scents of vanilla and honey.

1. “Nocturnal” (Goth Rosary)


Perfume made for Goths, by Goths! Or more accurately, by one Goth. Goth Rosary’s proprietor AntiSally makes all her scents by hand and they are all eco-friendly, gentle on skin, vegan and cruelty free. And each scent is inspired by the Gothic subculture. “Nocturnal” is one of her top sellers, including notes of clove, patchouli and nag champa. If you’re looking for a scent that is 100% Goth through and through, look no further than Goth Rosary.

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