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13 Goth Easter Treats

Whether you celebrate the Christian Easter, the pagan Eostre or Ostara, or any other of the many spring festivals in the world, here's a list Easter/spring-related goodies that Goths can appreciate.

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1. Celtic Egg Suite


The most prominent symbol of Easter is of course the egg. This lovely pewter egg suite from Spiral, with its Celtic knotwork pattern, recalls the original pagan feast of Eostre would go very well with a Gothic ensemble. Great for Goths who want to add a bit of an Easter theme to their outfit!

2. Triple Hare Wall Plaque


The Easter Bunny is thought to have its origins in the worship of hares, especially around Springtime. For Goths who appreciate Pagan imagery, this exquisite wall plaque would make a fantastic Easter decoration.

6. "The Alchemist" Chocolate Skull


Instead of giving chocolate eggs to that special Goth in your life, you could present this awesome chocolate skull! A real inversion of the classic symbol of life...

7. Pandora Purple Mini Top Hat


There's an old tradition of ladies wearing fancy hats at Easter, and with this gorgeous mini tophat by Art of Adornment, Goths can also enjoy this custom. It's even purple, a colour often associated with Easter in Christianity.

8. Black Metal and Purple Tealight Holder Cup


Candles symbolise Easter and spring festivals in many different cultures. This candleholder would be great for an Easter candle - it's purple for one thing, while the shape recalls both an egg and the vesica piscis, an ancient symbol of fertility.

9. Moon in the Mirror Pendant


Many of the world's spring festivals, including Easter, are linked to the cycles of the moon. This mystical moon pendant would therefore be highly appropriate to wear at Easter.

10. Kill Star Pastel Moon Sweatshirt


Easter has become associated with pastel colours - perfect for Pastel Goths! This Kill Star sweater additionally includes the moon symbol of Easter.

12. Black Mini Calla Lilies


Lilies are considered an Easter flower in Christianity, symbolising purity. Goths will probably appreciate the idea of decorating with *black* Calla lilies for Easter...

13. Black and Silver Butterfly Clips


Although more obscure than the chick or rabbit, the butterfly is sometimes considered an Easter symbol due to its connotations of rebirth. These beautiful black and silver butterflies would make wonderful Gothic Easter decorations.

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