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13 Amazing Gothic Tribal Bellydance Videos

"Gothic" Tribal has become a popular form of modern Bellydance. These videos should demonstrate why.

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1. Ariellah at 2007 Gothla

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Ariellah is impossibly fluid and graceful, definitely one of my all-time favourite gothic bellydancers. This piece is wonderful; her almost alien movements are accompanied by some wonderfully eerie, lesser-known Goth tracks.

2. Sashi (Dancing to Maduro's "Akkadian")

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Sashi is a very well known individual in the world of Gothic bellydance, and this video shows why. Her amazing dance, seemingly part automaton and part goddess, goes perfectly with the electronic weirdness of Maduro's music.

3. Rachel Brice 2005 Paris Performance

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Rachel Brice is another very well-known Gothic bellydancer, responsible for much of the scene's development and expansion

4. Charmin and Athene Tribal Duet

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This dance is a little more classically tribal than Gothic, but I certainly like the dark colour scheme and the ritual intensity these ladies exhude.

5. Sereena – Gothic Vampire Dance

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I absolutely love the theatrics of this one! Emerging from the coffin at the beginning is a little touch of genius.

6. Zakiyaa – Gothic Belly Dance with Isis Wings

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I don't think Isis Wings need to be black for an effective Gothic Bellydance! The way Zakiyaa makes the wings shimmer. And I love the heavier second part of the dance too.

7. Nancy Cymbeline (dancing to Filii Neidhardi)

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This beautifully slow, graceful dance made me fall in love with the music of Corvus Corax.

8. Alicia of Bellycraft

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I think this dance goes perfectly with the selected Nine Inch Nails track - so intense and sexy!

9. Sashi at 2007 Gothla

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Sashi is such a versatile and hypnotic artist that she deserves another feature! This dance has such precision and strength, and I love the track choice yet again.

10. Jamil

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So he may not be a specifically Gothic bellydancer, but I just love Jamil! Perhaps the sexiest and most masculine male bellydancer I've ever seen.

11. "Gothic Bellydance" Trailer

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A trailer for the "Gothic Bellydance" trailer released by World Dance New York. A real treat full of some of the biggest names in Gothic Bellydance!

12. Bellydance Underworld Trailer

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Another compilation trailer. Just look at the costumes!

13. Gothic Bellydance Revelations

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Finally, a third compilation trailer. Theatrics and amazing costume abound yet again!

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