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    • meganb45 thinks "Bob" is Cute  about 4 years ago
    • meganb45

      I had a reaction to getting my eyebrows waxed - only a few hours after having it done the skin surrounding my eyebrows looked just like the “barnacle” pictures on Day #4. It had to have been hundreds of tiny, tiny pus bumps. It was horrifying, but it went away. I didn’t lose any self-esteem (BTW, I LOVE makeup and beauty just like this chick), no one hassled me. I’m not trying to be insensitive, but Juli Bun Bun needs to get over herself. Sure, she has an online personality — but it’s not like those pictures were taken by someone else. She took them and posted them online. I think she did a good thing sharing her awful experience, but no one forced her to share.

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