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    A Periodic Table Just For The Ladies

    Element Rg: Urge to kill someone.

    The following alternative periodic table is a tribute to lady menses, part of Megan Amram's new book Science...for Her!, out November 4.


    Megan Amram is a writer for the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. Since she graduated from Harvard in 2010, she has amassed over 400,000 Twitter followers who enjoy her hilarious brand of off-beat humor. Her writing has appeared in McSweeney's, Vulture,and The Awl, among others. Her viral video "Birth Control on the Bottom" prompted Jezebel to call her a "national treasure." She lives in Los Angeles.

    Excerpted from the forthcoming book Science…for Her! by Megan Amram. Copyright © 2014 by Megan Amram. Published by Scribner, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Reproduced with permission.

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    Science...for Her! here.