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These Stop-Motion "Halo" Videos Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

Or just a really cool adult who's into really cool stuff like Halo.

Mega Construx has a Halo franchise world with full sets you can build. AND there's a sweet app that helps make stop-motion videos of them:

Here are just a few things Mega Construx created to inspire the stop-motion filmmaker/Halo geek inside of you:

1. A soldier with that get-up-and-go attitude.

2. Epic slow-mo Brute demolition.

3. Two buddies waving "hello" as they pop off a couple shots.

4. A Brute getting a pretty aggressive "hello" from a truck.

5. Turrets rising up from nothing. Nothing, we tell you!

6. This sweet Ghost Rush being built...

7. ...and then this close call with said Ghost Rush.

8. That heartwarming moment when a man and his mech fist-bump.

9. Boots on the ground!

10. Finally, some lighthearted fly humor.

Basically, the Mega Construx Halo World is a great time whether you're a kid or an adult.

View this video on YouTube

All images courtesy of Mega Construx

Find the rest of the videos here!

Images courtesy of Mega Construx.

Want to make some movies similar to what you just saw? Download the Mega Construx™ Stop Motion Builder to make stop-motion videos of your own!