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    Here Are 16 TV Moments That Nail Friendships Between Women


    *Spoilers Ahead*

    Note: Some examples include topics of sexual assault.

    1. In Fleabag, when Claire tells Fleabag, "The only person I'd run through an airport for is you."

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    After two seasons of tension, arguments, and misunderstandings, this unexpectedly emotional proclamation of sisterly love hits hard.

    2. In I May Destroy You, when Terry tries to keep Arabella occupied with therapist-recommended activities because she wants to keep her safe from anything that might trigger her PTSD.

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    Both Arabella and Terry struggle to navigate their ever-evolving childhood friendship, dealing with hidden feelings of guilt and shame. Despite their ups and downs, they always try to be there for each other.

    3. In Derry Girls, when the gang publicly stand up and support Clare after she comes out.

    Derry Girls characters sitting at their desks

    When Clare first comes out, Erin responds pretty negatively (and selfishly). Quickly, however, she realizes her horrible mistake. When all of Clare's friends jump onstage to show their love, it is a goofy and wonderful moment. In consecutive episodes, all of the Derry Girls wear rainbow pins on their blazers.

    4. In Broad City, when Abbi is about to leave New York and Ilana tells her, "But this is still going to be the most beautiful, deep, real, cool-and-hot, meaningful, important relationship of my life.”

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    After many years of shenanigans, Abbi and Ilana realize that they both need to grow more independent and take concrete steps toward realizing their personal goals. Even though they have to say goodbye, they know that their friendship will remain a keystone in both of their lives.

    5. In Pen15, when Maya breaks down in tears and says she can't do seventh grade anymore and Anna replies, "Maya, you are my actual rainbow gel pen in a sea of blue and black writing utensils. Like, I’m not doing it alone.”

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    On the first day of school, Maya is called a "UGIS" by a group of boys. When she discovers that it stands for "Ugliest Girl in School," she's not sure that she can handle the constant bullying. When Anna steps up and promises to be there for her, it's a reminder of the power of childhood friendships.

    6. In SKAM, when Noora's friends accompany her to the hospital after she reveals that she may have been sexually assaulted.

    The women of SKAM walking
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    Noora struggles for days over whether or not to tell her friends. When she does, they immediately support her and encourage her to go to the hospital to make sure that she's okay.

    7. In My Mad Fat Diary, when Rae realizes that Chloe needs her help and rescues her from the house of her abusive "boyfriend."

    Rae and Chloe from My Mad Fat Diary

    Throughout the show, Rae can't help but compare herself to popular Chloe as she struggles with her own self-worth. Eventually, Rae realizes how much Chloe admires her strength and support — and sees that their friendship is not one-sided at all, but truly based on mutual respect and love.

    8. In Grey's Anatomy, when Cristina lists Meredith as her emergency contact and says, "That's why I told you I'm pregnant. You're my person."

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    Early on in the show, Meredith and Cristina bond over their morbid sensibilities. Even when they're fighting, they know that they'll always be each other's "person."

    9. In Insecure, when Issa goes to Molly's house after their big fight and this is how they make up: "Bitch, you still mad?" "Bitch, you still trippin'?"

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    After being best friends for years, Issa and Molly know not to sweat the small stuff (let's not get into the deeper issues they experience in Season 4). Their humor and warmth help bridge the gap between many of their arguments.

    10. In Parks and Recreation, when Ann promises a down-trodden Leslie, "But most importantly, you say the word, and I will beat her senseless with a baseball bat."

    Leslie and Anne looking at each other

    Usually the quiet, soft-spoken one, Ann becomes incredibly protective of Leslie and even promises to avenge her when she thinks she has been wronged.

    11. In Anne with an E, when Diana sees Gilbert on the train and confronts him angrily about his inability to admit his feelings for Anne.

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    After three seasons of misunderstandings, it is a relief to see Diana take the reins and defend her best friend Anne. Thanks to Diana, lots of romantic confusion between Gilbert and Anne is finally resolved. Talk about a supportive best friend!

    12. In Sex Education, when the girls at Aimee's school help her ride the bus after her sexual assault.

    The women of Sex Education on the bus together

    After her assault, Aimee starts avoiding the bus at all costs. When her best friend, Maeve, and the other girls in detention discover what has happened, they ride the bus with Aimee to help support her recovery.

    13. In Grace and Frankie, when Grace reminds Frankie of all of her professional and personal triumphs and Frankie says, "You make me feel strong, Grace Hanson."

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    When their beach house is robbed, Frankie begins to feel more and more helpless. Grace reminds her that she now runs a successful business and has an incredible relationship with her new boyfriend. As Grace and Frankie show, age is nothing but a number.

    14. In Never Have I Ever, when Fabiola calls out Devi's selfish behavior.

    Devi, Fabiola and Eleanor hugging

    While close friendships can be light-hearted, supportive, and fun, they also take work. Fabiola demands better treatment from Devi, explaining the ways in which Devi has ignored or mistreated both her and Eleanor. It shows how important it is not to take friends for granted (and how honest conversations can fix lingering conflicts).

    15. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Amy struggles with wedding dress shopping because she worries it will undermine her authority as sergeant and Rosa tells her, “Dude, I get that. But if you want a beautiful wedding dress, you deserve to find one.”


    After her promotion, Amy tries to focus primarily on her professional career, downplaying her wedding planning out of fear that any signs of femininity will tarnish her reputation. Rosa reminds her of all the amazing work she has done as a leader — and shows her that femininity is not a weakness, but a strength.

    16. And in The Baby-Sitters Club, when all of the girls gather outside the bathroom to help Kristy with her first period.

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    Listen, puberty is hard. Don't even get me started on periods. When Kristy locks herself in the bathroom at her mother's wedding, her best friends patiently wait outside the door and give her helpful advice (and pads).