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40 Reaction GIFs Guaranteed To Help You Deal With Fuckboys

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't care.

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1. When his dick sends you a surprise selfie.

WB / Via

2. When he tries to compliment you by objectifying you.

WB / Via

3. When he says you're prettier without makeup.

Die Antwoord, Island Records, Brian Eno. / Via

4. When he could be your grandpa.

Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures / Via

5. When he keeps stalking your profile.

Universal Republic, The Lonely Island, / Via

6. When he starts mentioning misandry.

7. When he doesn't bother reading your "about me."

Columbia Pictures, Flower Films, Tall Trees / Via

8. When he offers to cure your lesbianism.

Tina Fey, NBC / Via

9. When he learns not to mess with you.

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

10. When you decide not to respond but he keeps spamming.

WB / Via

11. When he claims the patriarchy is a myth.

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

12. When he skips "hello" and just starts talking dirty.

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

13. When you reject him and he says he'd like to marry you.

Lifetime, Bravo / Via

14. When he just won't take "no" for an answer.

Nicki Minaj / Via

15. When he wants to see "more of you."

WB / Via

16. When he keeps interrupting you.

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

17. When he says you're "not like other girls."

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

18. When he says your feminism is too agressive.

CBS / Via

19. When he asks you to re-read what he just said.

ITV, PBS / Via

20. When he brings up "reverse sexism."

21. When he compares feminism to a cult.

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

22. When he's upset you don't like his sexist jokes.

Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, KingWorld Filmed Entertainment / Via

23. Let's face it, we need another for the dick pics.

HBO / Via

24. On the rare occasion he asks before sending the dick.

BBC / Via

25. When he's trying really hard to offend you.

Joss Whedon, Universal Pictures / Via

26. When he randomly starts telling you how horny he is.

Comedy Central / Via

27. When he tries to pass common sense for "chivalry."

HBO / Via

28. When his every response is like a damn essay.

Joss Whedon, WB / Via

29. When he thinks he's a hero for calling himself a feminist.

Lifetime / Via

30. "But I have a big dick."

NBC / Via

31. For pretty much anything MRA-related ever.

Nutella / Via

32. When he plays the age-card to justify his mansplaining.

Fox Searchlight Pictures, Mandate Pictures, Mr Mudd / Via

33. This one's good for most situations.

Comedy Central / Via

34. When he's just being way too intense.

Bravo / Via

35. (This one works too)

Tina Fey, NBC / Via

36. When he says feminists just "need some dick."

Lifetime, Bravo / Via

37. "Why do you hate men?".

Paramount Pictures / Via

38. For when you're just plain out of fucks.

WB / Via

39. So out of fucks.

Showtime / Via

40. Zero.

Universal Republic, The Lonely Island / Via

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