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Top 10 Reasons for Using Herbal Remedies

increase your knowledge about medicinal herbs and the latest developments in the use of plants to heal your body and mind.

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1.Herbal remedies is effective There are many case studies and evidences proves the efficacy of herbal remedies. Herbal remedies can word as well as pharmaceuticals especially for minor ailments. Otherwise, pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be studying plants, taking extracts of them,and patenting them as drugs. 2.Herbs are 100% Chemical-Free Plants are always natural. All natural medicines are pure and do not contain any chemicals. Many pharmaceuticals contain numerous additives, including artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, ammonia, waxes, and other substances. 3.Herbal remedies are affordable Prescription drugs are costly while herbs, essential oils,and preformulated compounds are cheaper and affordable.It is almost free if you grow herbs by yourself. 4.No side effects Pharmaceuticals usually come with long lists of potential side effects while natural remedies have no or minor side effects that can normally be avoided by cautious use. 5.Herbs are versatile and treats more than just one symp

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