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Which "Scrubs" Character Are You?

Which member of the Sacred Heart family are you?

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  1. Who's your favorite family member?

    My baby brother
    My mother
    We don't talk about my family
    My son
    I guess my older brother
    Don't have one, I was raised by wolves
  2. What do you do in your free time?

    Drink and watch sports
    Stuff dead squirrels
    TV, Food and Sports
  3. Where do you stand on the Iraq War?

    In my opinion we should be looking for Osama in Pakistan
    *Opens "Iraq War for Dummies"*
    All the terrorists want to do is kill you....kill you!
    The only good that's come from our occupation of Iraq is exposing the neoconservative conspiracy to perpetuate American cultural economic imperialism
    I thought it was to root out terrorist, or was it for the oil, or mama Hussein's secret falafel recipe it's so gosh darn hard to keep track
    No comment
  4. How do you react to death?

    Refuse to accept it as long as possible
    I died once...not a fan
    Move on, the only thing we can do
    Mourn and try to comfort the person who's passing
    Distance myself as much as possible
    In private
  5. What's your favorite part of your job?

    Being the best at what I do
    Having everyone idolize me
    Being able to help people and do good
    This isn't my real job, I'm undercover for the CIA
    Getting a chance to help out the new guys
    Bossing around the interns
  6. What kind of car do you own?

    I only ride my trusty scooter Sasha
    I just want a sweet convertable
    A sleek Porsche
    Minivan, helps me get my union to work
    Whatever isn't broken down
    A mini cooper
  7. Which area of medicine would you find yourself in?

    Internal Medicine
    General Surgery
    General Medicine
    Whatever it takes to make cancer feel foolish
    Private Practice
  8. Which person are you in your group of friends

    The sarcastic witty one
    The bossy controlling one
    The odd one out
    The emotionally dependent one
    The competitive one
    The awkward one

Which "Scrubs" Character Are You?

You got: JD

You're always stuck in your own head and enjoy the running monologue of your life found there. You're always thinking of others, when your life isn't more pressing, and wish to have a positive impact on people. You may be prone to finding and idolizing a mentor, but you're incredibly talented in your own right.

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You got: Turk

You're something of an ego maniac meets a momma's boy. You excel in most physical aspects but fall behind in the area of intellect, at least compared to your friends. You're feverishly committed to your family and are willing to go the extra mile for them. You always do what you do when you do what you do.

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You got: Elliot

Stressed to the extreme you put everything on yourself and don't stand for your own failures. You're determined to get to the top regardless of who you may have to step over. You're dorky and frequently find yourself being walked over. When you find it in yourself you are more than capable of rising above those around you and being the boss for a change.

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You got: Dr. Cox

God has your back, even if you don't technically believe in him. You're brilliant and you know it, and your friends get sick of hearing about it. Ranting is your passion as you commit-t-t-t-t-t to making sure everyone knows when you've one upped them or they've screwed up. Did I mention that you're a little conceded?

Dr. Cox
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You got: Carla

Your bossy and controlling, but have a heart of gold. You're always looking to play mother hen for people as you shield them and help them grow. You're very nurturing and are generally considered a kind loving person. It's still best not to mess with you though

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You got: The Janitor

You may be legitimately insane and are without a doubt the oddest of the bunch. You mess with people, prank them and always look to even the score. People messing with you don't know what they're getting in to as you generally come out on top in a big way.

The Janitor
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