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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Create A Meme

Today's guide is introducing you to the art of creating an internet meme. An internet meme is something that users do. When creating a meme, we the users, are actively engaging with the digital text and images, but we also have to consider and understand the rules and the grammar of the memes. Every internet meme has a particular framework and we are able to remix those memes to a new context. The images or videos that we are using are copied, edited and pasted into a new context. We are adopting and adapting the rules and frameworks of other internet memes and share it with other users on social media (Esteves and Meikle, 2015). Let’s start with the guide on how to create an internet meme.

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1. Do your research


Do some research online about the meme you want to create. Are there any popular memes at the moment and what do you want to talk about in our meme? For some basic ideas and information about the most popular memes, visit

2. Choose the image

After doing some research the next step is to choose the image that you want to use. The most common medium of internet memes are images but also other mediums such as videos. Studying the rules and frameworks of the meme you want to create is also part of this step.

3. Create and compose your meme


Internet memes are usually kept short and simple. In images usually, two lines of text are used. So keep this in mind when creating the content. There are several tools for creating a meme. You can use meme creators for smartphones and computers (available in Apple Store and Google Play Store), software programs for computers like Microsoft Word and Photoshop or a website that creates the memes for you. Just keep in mind that the font type most commonly used in memes is called IMPACT and should be centered and coloured in white with a black border within the meme. The easiest and fastest way to create memes is to use the website You can just search for the meme name (that we already found out from and start creating the meme in seconds.

4. Share the meme on social media

After creating your meme, you can start sharing it on social media. The main purpose of the memes is to share them with others and also to encourage them to create new memes. Now you know how to create memes and I hope that you start making a lot of memes to share it with us.

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