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    5 Must Watch Netflix Originals Releasing This Month!

    February is the month to grab your partner and binge watch like craZy!

    Netflix Movies&Tv shows to be released this month..

    So, recently , Netflix has been announcing and posting all over social media the movies and shows its set to release within the next couple weeks. They're a lot to be honest, and its hard to keep track of the new releases. So I've shortened a list of around 70 movies (and shows) , to 5 must watch Netflix originals that are releasing this month ! Scroll down below to check them out!

    1. To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Always & Forever

    Netflix / Via

    This iconic Netflix original, modern day, love story series, is finally releasing its 3rd and final movie on February 12th! Die hard fans of this movie series are super excited to see whether Lara Jean will stick to her one true love, Peter K, or move on to college and start a single life! This movie provides heart feel and excitement, making it perfect for valentines day as well!

    2. Malcom and Marie


    Malcom & Marie, a romantic film in which the actores are Zendaya and Washington, it's about a film maker and his girlfriend who come home for their premier. Its said to release on feb 5th, and lets just say, any film with Zendaya , is a good film ! :)

    3. Space Sweepers


    This South Korean sci-fi film, this movie is all about a humanoid , looking like a 7 year old girl discovered by space crew who board a ship called Victory. The girl is wanted and so the story takes off with that problem and seems to be filled with space adventures. Its release date is Feb 5th

    4. The Crew


    'The Crew' is a comedy series thats said to be released on February 15th! Its about a race car team that tries to rise to the top in their own ways, while the owner tries to 'modernise' them. Its light hearted and comedic with actor Kevin James as the star of the show!

    5. The Firefly Lane.


    The Firefly lane is a series about 2 friends who've know each other for over 30 years and their ups and downs they faced together through out life. Its a heart warming series and is said to release on February 3rd. Actors Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in the show.

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