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5 Fates Worse Than Death For Food Bloggers

RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION. Things that are bound to ruin my mood.

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1. When you purposely go to a trendy restaurant with amazing food presentation but you can't get well-lit seating close to a window.

Honestly I just feel like I'm wasting my time and money if I can't get any photos.

2. When your friends start eating their food before you get a chance to take a pic of the full spread.

Repeat after me: The phone eats first.

3. When you make something for the sake of taking a photo, but the photo turns out crappy, so now you're stuck eating something you didn't want, and can't post.

giphy / Via

This sub par meal has me questioning my life choices.

4. When you finally open that avocado after waiting three days for it to ripen, and it's rotten on the inside.


How will I 'gram my avocado toast now??

5. When you get invited to dinner at super photogenic night.


Sorry but night time is reserved for non-aesthetically pleasing foods, raincheck tomorrow at 12?

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