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8 Heartwarming Pet Stories That Prove They Are Life’s Greatest Companions

Meals on Wheels America is here to lend a helping hand to homebound seniors and their spirit-lifting pets. Find out how they are supporting seniors and their furry friends.

There's no doubt that animal and human relationships go hand in hand...or is it hand in paw?

Meals on Wheels America

(We'll let you be the judge on that one.)

Whether you're human or animal, these bonds have a special sort of transformational power.

Here's just a few real-life stories from Meals on Wheels clients and BuzzFeed contributors that prove the connection between a pet and their human will always be the purest form of love.

Patsy and her superhero-like pup Winston.

Meals on Wheels America

Winston, a 14-year-old schnauzer mix, is like a superhero to homebound human, Patsy.

With Winston being a much-needed positive presence in her home, Patsy is more likely to have lower cholesterol, have a slower resting heart rate, and most importantly have that social interaction with a cuddly, loving pet on a daily basis.

Together, they make up two parts of a happy whole.

Hiking Hank and his travel partner Caitlin.

Courtesy of Caitlin C.

Back in 2015, Caitlin adopted Hank, a pitbull mix, from a shelter as a puppy. Little did she know, five years later, he would be the sole reason she got through the lonely weeks of social distancing and quarantine.

Together, they decided to go on a five-month road trip across the US: adventuring through national parks, visiting different cities, and making new friends along the way.

She can't imagine a better hiking buddy and fur-ever best friend!

Ginger, the good vibes dog, and her snuggling pal Stephanie.

Meals on Wheels America

Ginger is Stephanie's most loyal, trusted, and loving companion. Stephanie has been coping with multiple sclerosis for more than 10 years, a disease that increasingly strips away her ability to get out and socialize in her community.

These days, leaving her home can be difficult, but it's her pup Ginger who motivates Stephanie to get up each day.

Whether it's getting her favorite foods or having a nice groom sesh, with assistance from Meals on Wheels America, Stephanie loves being able to reciprocate Ginger's love with some serious TLC.

Kyle and his reality TV–watching partner Rooney.

Courtesy of Kyle D.

Kyle's family adopted Rooney, a daschund-lab mix, in the middle of the pandemic. After driving two hours to meet Rooney's foster mom, Kyle's family knew as soon as they saw her that she'd be coming home with them.

It's only been a year with Rooney, and her power has transformed Kyle and his family's lives. In that short time she's become such an essential member of the family that it's hard to think of a time when she wasn't nestling under Kyle's arm for a night of Real Housewives.

Adventurous and loyal Shay and their loving human, Morgan.

Courtesy of Morgan B.

Shay, an Australian cattle dog mix, has been Morgan's best friend since they adopted her almost four years ago. When Morgan moved into their first apartment, it was just the two of them and they did everything together.

Shay's loyalty and longing for her BFF know no limits. While Morgan was on their honeymoon, Shay ran away from home and was found near a condo complex similar to their old apartment. Morgan knew Shay missed them so much, she had gone looking for them.

Luckily, Shay is now home safe and happier than ever after being reunited with Morgan.

Dawn and her trio of snuggly cats.

Meals on Wheels America

There's nothing like having a crew of familiar, feline friends to get you through challenging times. Dawn, who is almost completely blind, has had cats for the past 16 years. These cherished, furry family members have provided the necessary love and companionship in both good and bad times.

Whenever Dawn comes home, her cats all run to greet her. Since she can see only shadows, she asks the felines to identify themselves. Each one sits perched in front of her, patiently waiting for her to bend down and check for the obvious differences and receive a little affection.

Thankfully, Dawn doesn't have to worry about providing for her trio. With help from Meals on Wheels providing human and cat food, both Dawn and her cats are able to share a meal as one happy family.

Alex and her lifelong BFF Hank.

Split frame of young Alex with young Hank alongside older Alex and older Hank.
Courtesy of Alex S.

Hank, an adorable little dachshund, was Alex's ride or die for 16 years. Through adolescence to adulthood, Hank was always there for Alex, especially when she was struggling with anxiety and depression.

He was her most loyal friend, listened wholeheartedly, never judged, and always gave cuddles and kisses at the end of a hard day. Hank brought endless joy to Alex and her family for so many years, they wouldn't be the same without him in their lives.

Also, he was great at hiding Alex's braces in photos. Now that's a true best friend.

Joan and her paper bag–loving cat Snowball.

Meals on Wheels America

For 10 years, Joan and Snowball have built a safe and loving world around each other. Even though Joan once set up a nice, cozy bed for her friend, she learned the white feline loves to sleep in or on paper bags.

With help from Meals on Wheels, Joan can provide the essentials for an easily pleased cat like Snowball and spoil her with snuggles and affection instead.

The unconditional love an animal can bring to anyone's life is a real game changer.

Meals on Wheels America

The difference between living alone and living with a pet is truly life-changing.

Learn more about the support from Meals on Wheels America that keeps pets and their humans happy, healthy, and together.