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What Your Astronomical Sign Says About You As A Volunteer And Your Survivability In Space

Finally! A way to combine the two great scams that are the OrangeSeeds and zodiac signs! Read this to see what you will be like as a volunteer and also to find a brief description of how your body would react when cast out amongst the very stars which define your personality!

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1. Aquarius

You will be a pretty chill volunteer! However, if you were shot out into space to see the constellations that shape you, you would undoubtedly meet a painful end.

2. Pisces

Something's fishy and it's you! Unfortunately, even fish can't survive in space. Idiot.

3. Aries

Congrats!!! You have the same sign as Ryan Errico, whose birthday is on 4/26th!! That's not the only thing you share with Ryan - you would both rapidly perish trying to touch a star.

4. Taurus

The Bull means you will take charge as a volunteer! However, you would quickly wither away in space, like an OrangeSeed planted in bad soil.

5. Gemini

Twins! You do the work of two people when volunteering but die only one death floating through the vast nothingness of the universe.

6. Cancer

You're a bad volunteer tbh. You actually survive in space for a bit but your preexisting ailments still finish you off before you get anywhere really cool

7. Leo

You make the world around you a better place with your volunteering, which is why it's such a shame that if you were to leave this world you'd be deceased in no time.

8. Virgo

Vir-go volunteer! But don't vir-blast-off without the proper safety equipment or the fickle mistress of space will have her way with you.

9. Libra

You would die in space.

10. Scorpio

You would die in space.

11. Sagittarius

You WILL die in space uh oh

12. Capricorn

You're an energetic volunteer! However, if you were to be unexpectedly launched into space you would meet a gruesome fate. But hey - it's better than being an OrangeSeed, am I right?

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