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    How Could You Be #MadeinMiddlesex?

    From sports and societies to learning a new language, there's so much going on at MDX. But what's the 'thing' that you're most suited to? What will really make you stand out from the crowd and become #MadeInMiddlesex? Take the quiz and find out...

    1. It's group project time and you've gotta put your trust in a Team Leader. Do you:

    2. Your plans get axed and you're at a loose end. What do you do?

    3. Your friend's laptop goes missing. How can you solve the mystery?

    4. Your best friend asks you to promote her Filipino dance event. What's your plan of action?

    5. Dinner time! Who is your special guest?

    6. When you roll up to a house party, what's your game plan?

    7. Let's check your internet history, what's going on there? (nope, we don't mean that)

    8. You've entered a competition on campus, eyes firmly on the prize. What do you hope to win?

    9. You've swiped right for a real hottie on Tinder and congrats - it's a match! You really wanna impress - where's the all important first date?

    10. Let's get deep... where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

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