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    18 Reasons Bree Van De Kamp From "Desperate Housewives" Is An Absolute Boss

    Face it, we all wanted to be Bree.

    1. She was blunt.

    2. She was classy.

    3. She was ruthless.

    4. She was a fantastic cook.

    5. She was accepting.

    6. She was observant.

    7. She was trendy.

    8. She was graceful.

    9. She was armed.

    10. She was sassy.

    11. She was punctual.

    12. She was cordial.

    13. She cared about her kids.

    14. She was tenacious.

    15. She was stunning.

    16. She was superstitious.

    17. She had a great sense of humor.

    18. And most importantly, she was BADASS!

    All hail Bree.