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16 Desserts Everyone In Adelaide Needs To Try At Least Once

Desserts don't get any better than this.

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1. The Loose Caboose’s quirky take on the classic jam doughnut.

Instagram: @madeleinedunne / Via Instagram: @madeleinedunne

Who can say "no" to a syringe full of homemade strawberry jam? This breakfast doughnut can be found nestled inside a heritage-listed railway station in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Forever packed to the rafters, it serves up delectable dishes from crab cakes to candy fig salad.

2. Red velvet pancakes from 50SixOne.

Instagram: @50sixone / Via Instagram: @50sixone

We all thought the red velvet trend had been and gone, but boy, were we wrong. This breakfast delight from Adelaide's newest dessert bar is sure to please the palate and satisfy punters great and small.

3. Bakery on O’Connell’s soft-serve ice cream in a cronut. / Via Instagram: @bakeryonoconnell

Cronut. Ice cream. Nutella. Award-winning bakery. Five minutes from the CBD. That is all.

4. This totally legit banana split by Devour Café.

Instagram: @brigadeirochoc / Via Instagram: @brigadeirochoc

Gone are the days of artificial chocolate sauce and candied cherries; this banana split is the real deal. Doused with caramelised popcorn and white chocolate ice cream, Devour Café's latest creation is sure to tickle the taste buds.

5. Public CBD's insanely pretty superfood breakfast bowl. / Via Instagram: @publiccbd

The word "quinoa" may lead some to recoil in horror, but Public's superfood porridge is certainly nothing to be afraid of. For those determined to start their day on a slightly less healthy note, the famous fig and ricotta hot cakes are a must.

6. Sweet potato doughnuts from 2KW, everyone's favourite eatery in the sky.

Instagram: @glamadelaide / Via Instagram: @glamadelaide

Sweet potato doughnuts don't sound like they would work, but they really do. With a bourbon and bacon caramel sauce, pecan walnut crumb, and a drizzle of mascarpone, this dish certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. Pair these beauties with 2KW's stunning rooftop view of the CBD and you're definitely in for a treat.

7. Gelista Premium Gelati's dairy-free delight.

Instagram: @duydash / Via

Music to the ears of anyone intolerant to lactose, this dairy-free gourmet gelato is just what the doctor ordered. Smooth, tasty, and made with love.

8. This perfect pancake stack from Light Bulb Café.

Instagram: @madeleinedunne / Via

Offering one of the city’s heartiest breakfast menus, this quaint little café is the perfect stop for chilled out hangs and big, fat, fluffy pancakes.

9. A super cute lil' pastry from By Blackbird.

Instagram: @rach / Via

Sometimes you just need a hot drink and a flaky little pastry. This western suburbs hot spot serves up some of Adelaide's most delightful baked goods. Afternoon tea, anyone?

10. These photogenic cocktails from The Moseley Bar & Kitchen.

Instagram: @duydash / Via

Cocktails count as dessert, right? Right. These ice cold delights can be found amid the hustle and bustle of one of South Australia's most popular metropolitan beaches, right by the Glenelg foreshore.

11. This ~semi-deconstructed~ Cornetto cone by The Grace Establishment.

Instagram: @madeleinedunne / Via

Seeing “deconstructed” on a menu can make eyes roll but this mousse-filled beauty is nothing to be afraid of. Crispy, creamy, and topped with Persian fairy floss, the jumbo-sized cone totally makes up for Cornettos/Drumsticks/all store-bought ice creams being half the size they used to be.

12. Happy Maple's revolutionary vegan doughnut at The Market Shed on Holland. / Via

A gooey chocolate doughnut that makes Mother Earth smile. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free, pretty much anybody can devour this homemade beauty. This baby can be found at The Market Shed on Holland, a wholesome institution for Sunday's early risers.

13. This wonderful waffle creation from Hey Jupiter.

Instagram: @madeleinedunne / Via

Tucked away in one of the CBD's favourite laneways, this French café serves up traditional European breakfasts with a twist. This funky creation consists of poached rhubarb, lavender labne, and crystalised mint.

14. Banana and raspberry French toast from Argo Espresso. / Via

There’s nothing more enjoyable than devouring a crispy, cinnamon-sprinkled serving of French toast. Known for its health conscious, yet super tasty menu, it's hard to find an excuse not to visit this café.

15. The ultimate wedding cake from Udder Delights.

Instagram: @glamadelaide / Via Instagram: @glamadelaide

Cheese is totally a legitimate alternative to dessert, so this beauty from the Adelaide Hills definitely deserves a mention. This handmade cheese cake from one of the state's most renowned fromageries is pure art. Piled high with an assortment of dairy delights, one must question who the hell would have a traditional wedding cake when you could simply devour a fat slice of brie?

16. And literally everything from St Louis Ice Cream & Dessert. / Via

Offering one of Adelaide's widest assortments of sweet treats, St Louis' creations go straight to the heart. Known for its delectable selection of ice creams, crispy churros, and dessert martinis, it's sure to satisfy every sugar fan you know.