18 Natural Wonders You Won't Believe Are In South Australia

    From sinkholes to stalactites to hidden volcanoes, South Australia has it all.

    1. Umpherston Sinkhole

    2. Maslin Beach

    3. Seal Bay

    4. Magnetic Hill

    5. Kilsby's Sinkhole

    6. Talia

    7. Sellicks Hill

    8. Bunda Cliffs

    9. Lake Eyre

    10. Remarkable Rocks

    11. Murray River

    12. Blue Lake

    13. Cactus Beach

    14. The Breakaways

    15. Lake Bumbunga

    16. Admirals Arch

    17. Wilpena Pound

    18. Innes National Park


    A previous version of this post used an incorrect photo for the Murray River and the Blue Lake. We're so sorry, SA!