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    19 Perfect Gifts For The Pug Lover In Your Life

    Add some pugalicious flair to your life!

    1. Making friends will be no problem with this in-your-face tee.

    2. Or maybe this is more your style.

    3. Talkin' 'bout a tie-dyed, timely tee.

    4. Scarf lovers, rejoice!

    5. Grab a group of friends for game night!

    6. Wake up with this little guy.

    7. For the pug loving baker.

    8. This pillow will add flair to any room.

    9. Or maybe try this conversation piece.

    10. Send this card to all your friends to let them know you're thinking about them.

    11. Spice up your dining room with these salt and pepper shakers.

    12. Flaunt your love with a new phone case.

    13. What could be more relaxing than a puggy glass of wine?

    14. Have a snack!

    15. Take this guy with you wherever you go.

    16. Make this magnet your mantra.

    17. The perfect cuddle buddy.

    18. You can't go wrong with this onesie.

    19. Now pack up all your new items in this backpack!