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"Royals": Dear Lorde, Listen To Her Other Songs

"and we're better than Royals" - A list of Lorde's bigger and better tunes, prepare your ears.

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Although an amazing song, you're probably sick of hearing it after blasting across the world for quite a number of months. If you're sick of "Royals" but are still praising Lorde, listen to these other masterpieces the Kiwi has popped out.

1. "The Love Club"

2. "Ribs"

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*My personal fave

3. "Buzzcut Season"

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4. "Team"

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5. "A World Alone"

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6. "Bravado"

Well, to be completely honest, all of Lorde's songs are amazing and you should buy her album "Pure Heroine" now (if you haven't already)!!!!


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