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10 Diseases That Are Almost History Thanks To Vaccines

Because of the discovery of vaccines, many diseases are on their way to becoming history. MD Anderson Cancer Center believes that HPV-related cancers can become history, too; consider HPV vaccination for your children today.

The HPV vaccine has the potential to prevent approximately 85% of HPV-related cancers, and more than 85 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the US as of April 2015.

Here are some other diseases that are almost a thing of the past thanks to their vaccines.

1. Polio

2. Smallpox

3. Mumps

4. Measles

5. Rubella

6. Tetanus

7. Pertussis

8. Diphtheria

9. Hepatitis A

10. Rinderpest

All images via Kevin Valente © BuzzFeed

Vaccinations are the most crucial first step to make HPV-related cancers history.