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9 Words And Phrases You May Not Know That Teenagers Are Using Today

It is very difficult to keep up with the lexicon of today's youth. It's constantly changing and being out of touch in today's society is practically a social death sentence. Here's a list of words and phrases teenagers are using today and how to use them properly so you don't sound like a deadbeat dad!

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1. MinOgre / Via

A "MinOgre" is a girl who from far away looks pretty good like singer/songwriter/actress Kylie Minogue but up close looks like Shrek.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "Look at that blonde Australian girl across the river. I'm gonna get her number."

Steve: "I'm not sure that you wanna do that. She's a MinOgre. Here, use my binoculars."

Dan: "Woah! Thanks for the heads up, Steve. Let's go back to my house and eat 3D Doritos instead. I cherish our friendship."

2. Videogame Anal / Via

Videogame Anal is an exclamation that declares something is cool (like a videogame) and tight (like anal). In case you're extremely out of the loop, 'tight' is just another word for 'cool'.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "Check out my new Harley Davidson skateboard!"

Steve: "Woah! That skateboard is proper videogame anal!"

Dan: "Thanks! I bought it with my allowance money. We can share it because we are best friends."

3. Fast Car


A "Fast Car" is derogatory term for the person in a group of friends who is the only one with a car but who also lives in inescapable poverty. I presume this term comes from the 1988 hit "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "I need to pick up beer for tonight's party but I really don't want to walk to the store."

Steve: "Call Adrien. I mean, he is our Fast Car after all."

Dan: "Good point. I hope he doesn't bring up the fact that he can't pay for beer because he lives way below the poverty line. It's really a downer."

Steve: "Same. You're seriously my best friend though, Dan."

4. Inoperable Malignant Cancer Tumor / Via

Another way to profess coolness. Not too long ago, to denote something was cool, teenagers would say "That's sick!". This evolved very quickly into "That's ill!" which kept transforming into "That's bedridden for life!" which finally landed on "That's inoperable malignant cancer tumor!". As it is a very clunky group of words, most teenagers stick to calling something IMCT.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "Bro! Did you see Tony Hawk do that massive ollie last night?!"

Steve: "Are you kidding me? That was the most inoperable malignant cancer tumor thing I've seen since Cindy flashed everyone in the hot tub at your house party!"

Dan: "It was SO IMCT! I would have no clue what my life would be like without you, Steven. It would definitely be more dreary. That is for sure."

5. Deadbeat Dad


A deadbeat dad is someone who is 'out of touch' with pop culture and has no inclination to learn about it at all. They actually go out of their way to avoid it. They resent pop culture being in this world because it's too much of a responsibility to know it.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "Would you believe Erica didn't watch "The Oscars" last night?"

Steve: "I definitely believe it. She's a deadbeat dad."

Dan: "Wait, she can't be a deadbeat dad. She's a woman. Do you mean deadbeat mom?"

Steve: "No, I mean like the new term deadbeat dad that our friends have been using."

Dan: "I would be so lost without you. Would it be okay if I held your hand?"

Steve: "That would be videogame anal."

6. Wolf Blitzing / Via

Much like media-popularized "Knockout" trend of sucker-punching civilians, wolf blitzing is a new 'game' where teenagers go into the forest with a video camera to dress wolves up like football players and then tackle them in hopes of being on the news. It's been devastating to the wolf population, teenagers have seriously been getting injured and if you hear someone using this term, you should inform the authorities.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "I was invited by Richard to go wolf blitzing tonight."

Steve: "...oh."

Dan: "What?"

Steve: "Nothing."

Dan: "Okay. You're being weird."

Steve: "Whatever. Have fun with Dick. He's so IMCT."

Dan: "Okay, seriously what's wrong? Are you jealous of Richard?"

*Steve storms away and slams the bathroom door*

Dan: "Dammit. Steve! Come on! *knocks on the bathroom door* Come out of the bathroom!"


HHHHHHHHHH is used to express extreme elation or satisfaction. It became prevalent over texting and social media but eventually bled into the audible vocabulary of teenagers. The correct pronunciation is to emit a breathy sound that sounds much like an evil spirit leaving a body.

Proper Usage:

*Dan breaks down the bathroom door to find Steve has consumed a bottle of pills*


Steve: "I'm so sorry, Dan. I'm so sorry. I don't know why--"

Dan: "Stick your fingers down your throat. Now. Just do it. We just need to get those pills out of you."

Steve: "I'm scared, Dan."

Dan: "You're scared? You think you're scared?! I'm scared, Steve. I'm scared of losing you. I can't imagine a life without you. Please. We need to get those pills out of you right now."

*Steve sticks his fingers down his throat and throws up the pills. His eyes are filled with tears. Dan holds him*

Dan: "HHHHHHHHHH. Don't you ever do that to me again. I love you, Steve."

*Steve cries softly in Dan's arms*

8. "Is Naan Spelled With 2 A's?" / Via

This is a proclamation that is similar to "Duh!". It is meant to signify obviousness.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "Do you want to be with me forever? Like, would you want to spend the rest of your life with me?"

Steve: "Is naan spelled with 2 A's?"

Dan: "Weird that you'd say that because I was looking at the wikipedia page for it the other day and it says 'naan' can also be spelled like 'nan'..."

Steve: "Haha you're such a deadbeat dad sometimes. Remember when you got confused about deadbeat dad? This is just another thing everyone is saying now. It's a proclamation that is similar to "Duh!" It's meant to signify obviousness."

Dan: "I've really gotta get with it!"

*Dan and Steve share a laugh and then exchange a passionate kiss. Steve pulls away from the kiss*

Steve: "I know it was months ago but thanks again for saving my life."

Dan: "I would do anything for you."

9. Soup / Via

Slang for 'water'.

Proper Usage:

Dan: "I'm so glad we got married, moved in together and adopted a child."

Steve: "I've truly never been happier. What should we have for dinner?

Dan: "How about soup?"

Steve: "You want water for dinner? Or like actual soup?"

Dan: "Actual soup."

Steve: "I'm still unclear if you're asking to have water for dinner."

Dan: "Our generation sucks."

Steve: "Our generation is definitely not videogame anal."

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