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The 13 Sweetest Reactions That Ever Happened

Some things are just so cute they make your heart implode with joy. Lap up some of life’s Sweeet moments, with McVitie's.

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1. This cat's reaction to a hug proposal.

Tricia Carr / / Via

Yes, please. Absolutely.

2. When this grandma got a surprise gift and lost her mind.

Tyler Brannon / / Via

3. When a bear got this cat to reach for the sky.

4. When this dog met this hoover.

corbincorgi / / Via

5. When this gentle cat met this brave little bird. / Via

Hey there, little buddy.

6. When this guy met this little arm tap from his furry pal. / Via

You don't turn down a furry fist-bump.

7. This cat and his unattainable dream fish.

AFV Animals / / Via

8. This puppy when he met a lemon. A lemon! The greatest thing that ever existed!

mollyshaffermeyer / / Via

9. This monkey encountering his own handsome face in the mirror.

10. (This seems to be a theme with monkeys regarding their own good looks.)

ckcipl9jfluuftylti9g / / Via

11. This cat taking the moral high ground vis-à-vis a rude tortoise.

Dashernite / / Via

What a guy.

12. This puppy's reaction to being beaten up by a wiseguy cat. / Via

He tried, guys. He tried.

13. This guy and the sweetest yoghurt he's ever encountered.

Enjoy a Sweeet moment of your own. Put your feet up, arm yourself with a biscuit and release the cuddles with McVitie's.

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