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11 Delicious Biscuit Recipes That Will Change Your Life

Biscuits make everything better – fact. And what's better than biscuits? Nothing, but stuff made with biscuits comes close. Indulge your Sweeet tooth with McVitie's.

1. Your New Favourite Fridge Cake

2. Mini, Easy Cheesecakes

3. Banoffee Pie

4. Rainy Day* Caramel Biscuit Cake

5. Just-Like-Mum-Made Decorated Biscuits

6. Fiery Ginger Nut Ice Cream

7. Digestive Apple Crumble

8. Ginger Berry Fool

9. You-Won't-Believe-These-A-Made-From-Digestive-Biscuit Truffles

10. New York Cheesecake

11. Key Lime Pie

Now you've got the recipes, all you need to do is find someone Sweeet to snuggle up and share them with…

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Sweeet McVitie's biscuits make everything better. Who would you share yours with?

Do you have a biscuit recipe or a favourite way of eating yours? Add your own serving suggestion below!