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15 Animals Ready To Spend A Big Night In With You

Are you ready for this much cuteness? Time to dial up the sweeet with new McVitie's Nibbles!

1. This kitten, who's been out on the town a fair bit this month and could do with a cosy night in:

2. This dog, who is just SO ready for snuggles:

3. This dog, who's trying his best not to fall asleep:

(Aww, it was a valiant effort.)

4. This old chap, who's definitely a hugger:

5. This pup, who has a stressful week to tell you about:

6. This cat, who’s wondering why you’re still fussing about in the kitchen:

7. This dog, who's keeping up the pretence that this was going to be a study session:

8. This cat, who's been waiting all day for a snuggle:

9. This dog, who was kind enough to bring some snacks over:

10. This raccoon, who can see you’ve had a difficult day:

11. This hedgehog, who'll be with you in a sec:

12. This bear, who isn't going to lie – he's a hugger:

13. This polar bear, who's just flat-out exhausted:

14. This bulldog, who wants to know if you're ready to come sit down yet?

15. And this cat, who's already in the land of slumber:

Have your perfect big night in with new McVitie's Nibbles – your favourite biscuits now in a nibbly nibble!

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