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    Welcome to McQuade Library at Merrimack College! We know this big building in the center of campus can seem intimidating, so here are some of the basics about McQuade to help you get a stress-free start to using the library. We look forward to meeting you!

    10. 24/5 Magic in the Air!

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    Between 10AM on Sunday and midnight on Friday the library never closes, imagine the possibilities! If your roommate's outrageous snoring is keeping you from finishing a project at 2AM, come on over. Forgot to print the paper due for your 8AM class? McQuade is open. Just remember that after midnight you will need to use your MACKcard to swipe into the building.

    9. Find your study sanctuary.

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    Need to meet up with your classmates for a group project, or looking for a place to hide away for an uninterrupted study session? McQuade offers a variety of study spaces to suit your studying needs! The 1st floor is a popular place to meet, with whiteboards for brainstorming and outlets for all your devices. Or, hole up in quiet solitude in McQuade’s 2nd floor quiet study area- the only place in McQuade where you might be shushed by a librarian if you get caught talking!

    8. Where are the books?

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a library? The books, of course! But books are not the first thing you see when you walk into McQuade- they are located on the 2nd floor and on the lower level. Checking them out is easy too, just use your MackCard at the 1st floor Help Desk. We also have a growing collection of ebooks that you can access from outside the library as well!

    7. Break Time!

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    Stop by McQuade Library’s cafe, Zime, by Sodexo to refresh and refuel. Zime features fresh sushi, grab and go sandwiches and snacks, and Starbucks coffee.

    6. De-stress with a fun DVD or book!

    McQuade has a growing DVD collection that includes binge-worthy TV shows, new releases, foreign language films, and documentaries. The library also has a regularly-updated selection of “hot titles” -- which are recent bestsellers and other fun books like graphic novels!

    5. Research is hard. Librarians can help.

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    We know research is not the fun part of college, but it doesn’t have to be the most painful either! Go to the Research Center on the 2nd floor to talk to a librarian, they can help you get what you need for your assignments. McQuade librarians are available to help you in person, on the phone, by email, and on the website through live chat.

    4. Plagiarism is no joke.

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    Plagiarism is theft and cheating at the same time. Our professors take it very seriously, and so should you. Don’t panic, the library’s popular “How to Cite Sources” guide can help you learn the rules.

    3. Why are there children’s books in a college library?

    The Educational Resources Collection (ERC), located in the big yellow room on the 2nd floor, not only has children’s books, but also offers curriculum planning materials, kits, and games to students in our teacher preparation programs. It’s also a great place to study.

    2. Did we mention the dogs?

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    Twice a year, McQuade Library welcomes local therapy dogs (and sometimes cats!) to the library for a day to help you get through finals!

    1. Don’t be shy, just ask!

    You're new here, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. The library’s first floor Help Desk is always staffed with friendly work-study students and library staff members. If you’re lost or have a question about using the library, just ask- it’s why we’re here.