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    How Ireland Is Priortising Luxury Flats And Office Space During Our Housing Crisis In 15 Steps

    The next time you read a newspaper article on Ireland's homelessness crisis or rising rents epidemic, remember these points. Here's how our money is being prioritised on the building of luxury apartments and commercial office space. Not affordable housing units. You know, something that what could actually help.

    1. NAMA has to listen to our Minister for Finance

    2. One of Nama's core purposes is to further the 'social and economic development of the state'

    3. Ah no. They've built none

    4. But sure why should they?

    5. What kind of construction work is NAMA involved in, then?

    6. Commercial office space during an acute housing crisis?

    7. Surely there are some housing units being constructed in this development?

    8. This is taxpayer money, yeah? You know, our money?

    9. And how much is it costing?

    10. Let that sink in.

    11. What does NAMA have that we need?

    12. Let's focus on land...

    13. ...and money

    14. If we can do this for private vulture and equity funds, why can't we use these strategies to help with affordable housing? Who can help start this?

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