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How To Beyoncéfy Your Instagram

Your online profile reflects your offline identity. Yoncé portrays all the feelings you get when you post a picture on IG, See if you can spot the songs *Wink Wink*

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1. Finding the right picture to use

Giphy / Via

DAMN!!! I am Flawless in all my pictures

2. Waiting for the first like

Giphy / Via

And you thought Lemonade was fire, it ain't got nothing on this on this picture

3. When the likes don't come in fast

giphy / Via

Y'all need to get into Formation, where are my Likes and comments?

4. When the likes are higher than your followers

giphy / Via

Now we are talking, I Run this IG world

5. When the comment section is popping

giphy / Via

When your followers start prophesying their love, I will be crazy in love with me too

6. Your DM's be like

giphy / Via

Hold up !! We got to Ring the alarm, all this love for just me?

7. And that's how you know your IG has been touched by Bey

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You can Feel Yourself now

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