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Weirdest Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World

Here is a list of 4 weird valentine day traditions from around the world that will make you happy about not having a valentine.

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For a lot of people, Valentine’s Day is just a day for people to show off their relationship and buy each other flowers and chocolates. But sending cards and gifts somehow don’t compare to these weird traditions from around the world.

1. Japan - they have what now?

In Japan, it is typically the woman who spoil their romantic partner on the 14th of February as it is a way for then to be confident about showing their affections.

Japan even have a second day on the 14th of March called “White Day” where the men return the favour to the woman and give them chocolate.

2. South Korea

If you thought having 2 valentine’s day is weird, South Korea take the cake with having a THIRD day called “Black Day” on the 14th of April.

3. Denmark/Norway - Easter eggs?

Here people have an unusual way to tell their crush they like them.

It is called “Gaekkebrev” where they make anonymous funny poems for their crush and give them clues as to who it is.

They then proceed to send them a number of letters in the form of dots and if the crush guesses right the woman or man gets an Easter egg from the admirer.

And if they don’t they have to give the admirer an Easter egg.

4. Wales - your going to have 4 children?

In wales they have valentine’s day earlier on the 25th of January where they give their crush or love a spoon.

Yes, a spoon! Apparently, it represents a tradition where the men used to carve a wooden spoon and give them to woman they were attracted to.

To make it even weirder they used to attach a number of beads to the spoon telling the girl how many children the guy is expecting his future wife to have.

So if your someone who hates valentine’s day I hope it makes you feel better about not having someone to spend valentine’s day with. Share to all your single friends.

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