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The 7 Must Have Apps For Twenty-Somethings In Boston

Trying to make it in Boston? You want these apps on your side.

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1. Waze


Driving in Boston isn't easy, but you can outsmart traffic with Waze. Sure, you might know the way, but if you didn't know there was a Sox Yankees game at Fenway, enjoy the murderous traffic home! Drive smahtah.

Available for iPhone and Android.

2. Venmo


No cash? Pay your friends back with Venmo. I had a friend who used to walk around with a Square mobile credit card reader in college, in case someone owed her money. This is a bit more subtle.

Available for iPhone and Android.

4. Group Xit - Quietly exit those group texts.

You know those friends that either don't have jobs or don't do anything at them, because they send group texts all day? Well now you can subtly bow out. Only for Android.

Apple has quietly added this feature in iOS 8, but sadly it only works if everyone in the group is using iOS 8 and iMessage.

5. RunKeeper


Founded right in Boston, RunKeeper is by far the best way to track your runs. It definitely helps to keep you motivated and honest (although sometimes we could do without that part).

Available for iPhone and Android.

6. Mixology - The pregame app.


Mixology is great because you can put in whatever supplies you have at the house and see all the different options for drinks. Super helpful in terms of looking like you know what you're doing behind the bar.

Available for iPhone and Android.

7. Who's That - Tonight's Going Out App.


I love Who's That because unlike Tinder, you actually go out for drinks with new people, and you're not alone, you go out with your friends. Just as you would anyways. They're partnering with some of my favorite bars in Boston to give away $1 drinks all fall!

Now only if they had an app for hangovers.

Available for iPhone.

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