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10 Struggles Of Having A Ravenous Appetite!

Food is love, food is life!

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The struggle is real when you always have food on the brain. I wake up and I wonder what I will have for breakfast. At breakfast, I often times catch myself wondering what lunch, dinner, or my afternoon snack will be and while most of the time I plan for it to be healthy it often ends in a text to my boyfriend "lets go get ice cream". Below are the ten struggles anyone can relate to whose appetite is the size of Montana!

1. I like food... I do. There is nothing I can do to change that.

2. I can't help the fact that food is a priority in my day... it just happens.

3. I don't eat to live, I live to eat.

4. Did someone say monster cookies?

5. Please don't tell me I shouldn't eat that because I WILL eat that and I WILL enjoy every second of it.

6. Also don't bring up food and then just leave it. If you are saying we are going to get Mexican food we are going. Period end of story!

7. Did you just ask if I want a bite? Of course I want a bite!

8. Being hangry is a real thing people.

9. When my food comes to an end I really do get sad and wish the meal would start all over again!

10. I can always eat.. even after a big meal

Let's just admit... food makes the world a better place!

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