Romney Goes On Air With Spanish Commercial Slamming Obama

The ad features testimonials from Hispanics who are disillusioned with Obama. “Ya no más.”

The Romney campaign announced a new Spanish-language comercial Saturday featuring Latino voters talking about their lost faith in President Obama.

Mitt Romney has trailed far behind Obama among swing-state Hispanic voters, but campaign aides say they will make a play for key Latino demographics in places like Florida. One aide told BuzzFeed last month that they would put “substantial” resources toward Spanish-language media after the convention. A new PPP poll shows there may be room for Romney to make headway; it shows Romney down just seven points — 45-52 — among Florida Latinos, which represents a narrowing of the gap.

The campaign did not immediately respond to a question about where the ad would air.

UPDATE: The ad will air in Florida as well as other targeted battleground states with large Hispanic populations.

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