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$1 Million Event Won By Teenager In Drone Race

British teenager snaps up $250,000 in drone race for first place.

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$1 Million Event Won By Teenager In Drone Race

The world drone prix which has just taken place in the United Arab Emirates and had over 100 teams competing in it has been won by a teenager from the UK. The competitors had to Navigate their way through an aerial obstacle course which consisted of flying the drone through hoops which were lit up to make it more visible to spectators. The remote control devices were all equipped with cameras to record their journey in first person view which made for great replays of each contestant's flight. The eventual winner Luke Bannister who was part of the Tornado X-Blades snapped up a quarter of the total $1 million prize fund, which was just over £173,000. The W.O.R.D (world Organisation of Racing Drones) ran the event as part of their ever increasing racing calendar. The teams were suited up in proper racing gear, more commonly seen in Formula One in an attempt to make the sport look more professional.

Drone racing as a hobby has seen an incredible upturn in popularity as more people eagerly learn how to fly a drone with the aim of competing in events. The organisers commented that many major cities around the world have reached out to them to discuss the possibility of hosting similar events in their cities.

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