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111,438 Public Workers In Ontario Earned More Than $100,000 Last Year

This year's Sunshine List of top-earning public servants has over 13,000 more names than in 2013

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The Ontario Sunshine List 2015 was just released, revealing salaries of over $100,000 for public employees in the province.

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Ontario's Sunshine List has been published since 1996 and has expectedly grown every year. This year, there are a record number 111,438 public servants who broke the $100,000 mark—police officers, municipal workers, board members, etc.

If you think Premier Kathleen Wynne is at the top of the list, you're way off. Ontario's Premier only brought in $209,000, about $95,000 less than her own chief of staff.

Although there are more names than ever, the list may be a bit misleading. The threshold hasn't moved from $100,000 since 1996, which means the Sunshine List should actually be those above $145,000 if we took inflation into account. And if we did that, we'd be down to under 20,000 names.

If you're wondering who's at the top, it's this guy.

At the very top of the list is Thomas Mitchell, CEO of Ontario Power Generation, earning $1.55 million. Mitchell has been at the top of the list since 2010, so you can bet that's an expensive tie.

Rounding out the top five:

2. Donn W. Hanbidge

Senior VP, CFO

Ontario Power Generation


3. William Moriarty

President, CEO

University of Toronto


4. Amit Chakma

President, Vice-Chancellor

University of Western Ontario


5. Robert MacIsaac

President, CEO

Hamilton Health Services


Police, transit, and civil servants earned over $3 billion across Ontario.

The category with the highest number of workers on the sunshine list is "Municipalities and Services," with 30,790 ranking in. The total of salaries in this category, which includes police, transit workers, and civil servants, is over $3.6 billion, well above the other categories. And this giant number is 50% higher than it was only two years ago.

Municipalities and Services

Number of workers: 30,790

Average salary of those above $100,000: $118,041

Top earner: Joseph Pennachetti, City Manager of the City of Toronto, $407,146


Number of workers: 16,375

Average salary of those above $100,000: $145,493

Top earner: William Moriarty, President and CEO of the University of Toronto, $937,500


Number of workers: 13,536

Average salary of those above $100,000: $123,382

Top earner: Saäd Rafi, Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office, $438,719

School boards

Number of workers: 12,723

Average salary of those above $100,000: $114,276

Top earner: Donna Quan, Director of Education with the Toronto District School Board, $291,677

Hydro One and Ontario Power Generator
Number of workers: 12,026

Average salary of those above $100,000: $134,411

Top earner: Thomas Mitchell, President and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, $1,555,200

Hospitals and boards of public health
Number of workers: 11,622

Average salary of those above $100,000: $132,012

Top earner: Robert MacIsaac, President and CEO of Hamilton Health Services, $755,716

Miscellaneous Public Sector Employees

Number of workers: 4,947

Average salary of those above $100,000: $135,333

Top earner: Bruce Campbell, President and CEO of Independent Electricity System Operator, $694,468

Number of workers: 4,631

Average salary of those above $100,000: $113,378

Top earner: Robert Gillett, President of Algonquin College, $443,728

Crown Agencies
Number of workers: 3,910

Average salary of those above $100,000: $134,791

Top earner: Howard Wetston, Chair and CEO of the Ontario Securities Commission, $703,629

Judges on the sunshine list make on average $200,367.

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Number of workers: 628

Average salary of those above $100,000: $200,367

Top earner: Brian Lennox, Judge with the Ontario Court of Justice, $367,282

Legislative Assembly and Offices
Number of workers: 252

Average salary of those above $100,000: $33,661

Top earner: Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner, $256,401

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