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    7 Gifts For Hardcore Game Of Thrones Fans Only

    Admit it, it’s pretty hard waiting for Season 6 of Game of Thrones to arrive and put us and John Snow out of our misery. Our spare time has gone to good use with some much-needed retail therapy helping divert thoughts on the cliffhanger towards more pressing issues, like organising the next season premier party. Hand plucked from the wildest corners of the virtual world, we’ve found the very best GoT-themed merchandise for hardcore fans. Feel free to share and comment and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites.

    1. A piece of Westeros


    Not a map or photo, but an actual piece of the land that has doubles for the blood-soaked fields of Game of Thrones!! For just £30GBP you can claim a plot in the stunning glens of Antrim where the show is largely filmed and, as an added bonus, you become an Irish landowner earning you the right to use the title of squireen. £30GBP

    2. Dragon claw jewellery


    If you want to get ahead, get dragon. If that’s proving too tricky, then these dragon claws might just be the next best thing. A bargain at £20.50GBP

    3. Winter watch


    Winter is coming and for those wanting a touch of class, this themed pocket watch will keep Westeros enthusiasts on time for the new season. £17.13GBP

    4. Mini-king


    The king Westoros deserved, but not the one it needed. One of the despised characters in the series, means Joffrey’s figurine is strictly one for the die-hard fans only. £20.99

    5. House Sigil Shot glasses


    Keeping with the miniature but deadly theme, this stylish four-set is perfect for any party. $15.99US

    6. Your own iron throne


    If your home is your castle, you’re going to want a throne to go with it. But lets’ be honest who has room for a life size one? This 7-inch replica will see you right, without taking up most of your front room. £39.99

    7. Cooking up a winter storm


    Ever fancied cooking up a Wintefell meal worthy of the finest mead? Fancy no more with these recipes fit for a king, or the king’s successor or the successor’s successor… you get the drift. £16.78GBP