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9 Places You Know You Can Always Chill At

The world's a stressful place. But least you know you're always welcome to chill out at a McDonald's with an Iced Coffee Float With Coffee Jelly.

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1. Your best friend's place.

"I'm coming over." "Sure, when?""I'm already here."

"I'm coming over."

"Sure, when?"

"I'm already here."

2. Your bed. / Via

"I'll never leave you ever again."

Until your morning alarm goes off. :(

3. Your mom's.

For like five seconds before she starts hitting you with all the questions or gets you to do chores.

4. Your secret spot in the library only you know about.

BuzzFeed Blue / Via

And by secret you just mean under one the desks where you take naps.

5. Your local shop where the aunty always remembers your name.

"I'm a dollar short!""Just bring it next time :D"
Franklin Heijnen (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: franklinheijnen

"I'm a dollar short!"

"Just bring it next time :D"

6. Your car.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

Or your friend's.

7. Or on the metro.

Just kidding. Too many people.
Fabio Achilli (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: travelourplanet

Just kidding. Too many people.

8. Your favourite park.

9. At the gym!


Like, you're there, but you can still chill on the bikes and during yoga!

Iced Coffee Float With Coffee Jelly now available at McDonald's.

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