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14 Faces Stressed-Out People Will Instantly Recognise

Take a moment to chill at McDonald's.

1. The "Why Does Everyone Keep Asking Me When Am I'm Getting Married?" Face

2. The "I'm Laughing on the Outside but Crying on the Inside" Face

3. The "I Just Remembered I Have Work Tomorrow" Face

4. The "Why Did I Text That?" Face

5. The "I Have Not Had a Proper Rest in Many Weeks" Face

6. The "I Know What You're Up to, and It's Stupid" Face

7. The "If Only You Knew the Real Me" Face

8. The "I'm Pretending Everything Is Fine" Face

9. The "Why Do I Even Bother?" Face

10. The "I Love My Mom, but When Will This Call End?" Face

11. The "Why Am I the Only Smart One Here?" Face

12. The "Why Did I Leave This Assignment Until the Last Minute?" Face

13. The "My Blind Date Looks Nothing Like Their Dating Profile" Face

14. The "How Can I Escape This Situation Right Now?" Face

Need a little help chilling? McDonald's can help with their great range of ice cold bevearages.