12 Ways To Tailgate Like A Pro

MVT: Most Valuable Tailgater. Follow these tips to become the best tailgater on the block. If you really want to impress, bring along some McDonald’s new Mighty Wings® too.

1. First and foremost, make it clear that you mean business.

Ben Stanfield / Via Flickr: acaben

Megaphones are NOT optional. (Neither are helmets.)

2. Move in furniture as soon as possible.

Tailgate Couch / Via tailgatecouch.com

The “Tailgate Couch” is exactly what it sounds like.

3. Bring your TV so you can watch the other games while preparing for yours.

arctic_whirlwind / Via Flickr: antciardiello

Fantasy football fans will thank you.

4. Get identical uniforms for your entire group.

Charlie Day / Via Flickr: 60700203@N03

It’s best if you’re all on the same page.

5. Play jumbo-sized board games to let off some competitive steam.

@terrab222 / Via instagram.com

The stakes just keep getting higher.

6. Ditch that clumpy face paint and upgrade to a flashy airbrush.

Connor Turner / Via Flickr: ctoverdrive

Leave no cheek unpainted.

7. If you can fit a portable pool, obviously bring a portable pool.

Getty Images / Sean Gardner

It might be a long afternoon.

8. Protect your territory with an inflatable football player.

David Fulmer / Via Flickr: 44124370018@N01

Get an offensive lineman if they’re available.

9. Invest in a tent that’s big enough for an entire team huddle.

@glamboglia_89 / Via instagram.com

No tailgate gets rained out.

10. And if your tent tilts, anchor it down in style.

A football-themed anchor will keep things grounded.

11. If the pregame show is taping nearby and they bring the championship trophy… try to kiss it.

James Willamore / Via Flickr: bz3rk

Keep your eye on the prize.

12. And most importantly, be prepared to tailgate anytime, anywhere.

Professionals work around the clock.

Be wary, however. If your tailgate is that awesome, hungry superfans like this might show up looking for McDonald’s® Mighty Wings®.


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