14 Reasons It’s Okay To Watch The Game From Home

Don’t feel bad if you’d rather cheer from your couch! Here are all the perks of avoiding stadiums on game day – and to root for your team pick up some McDonald’s® Mighty Wings®, now available nationwide.

1. The seating options are more exciting:

2. Whatever this is won’t get on you:

3. You can get some nervous cleaning done:

4. You can do arts and crafts during the commercials:

5. Your best friend won’t give you a hard time for getting sleepy because he’ll probably be asleep already:

6. You can practice your victory dance some more before you debut it:

7. You run no risk of having to pick up a lost mascot:

8. This won’t be your view:

9. You don’t need to always be worried about where you’re walking:

10. This is how you can deal with a rain delay:

11. You don’t have to walk through this to get anywhere:


12. You can mute this guy:

13. Your cooking areas are much less cramped:

Robert S. Donovan / Via Flickr: booleansplit

14. And this is how easy it is for you to call it a day after the game’s over:

Plus, if you’re not at the stadium, you won’t be blamed for taking McDonald’s® Mighty Wings®. Even the mascot is under suspicion:


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