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13 Mighty Spirited Cheer Stunts

These ain't your mom's toe touches. Check out these jaw-dropping cheerleading stunts. Then show off your high-flying spirit by picking up McDonald's® Mighty Wings®, now available nationwide.

1. This girl can bounce back from anything.

2. These guys find an awesome compromise.

3. This girl proves that the highest of highs can come after the lowest of lows.

4. This guy can literally slow down time.

5. These girls whip around like cogs in motion.

6. This guy steps in no matter what the challenge.

7. This girl cuts through the air like a blade.

8. These ladies know that they're better when they're in sync.

9. This guy feels no pain. No. Pain.

10. This girl is the type to skip every other stair.

11. This pair always manages to stay in perfect alignment.

12. This team relies on each other for that last-minute push.

13. And this girl wastes no time getting to her final pose.

Now, let's get down to business. With all those stealthy flips, could The Cheerleader be the one to have McDonald's® Mighty Wings®?

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