22 Game Day Gifs That Will Pump You Up For Anything

Get in the zone and check out these GIFs before your next big challenge to ensure victory. Then taste the winning kick of McDonald’s® Mighty Wings®, now available nationwide.

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See this guy? This guy is you.

Imagine lacing up your sneaks on game day.

This is you warming up. Look at all that air you’re getting JUST DURING YOUR WARM-UP.

Don’t even think about touching the white line. You don’t wanna know what happens.

Now let’s get your heart pumping.

There ya go! You’re literally moving faster than that smoky air. Your competitors aren’t gonna know what hit ‘em.

You sure you’re not an octopus? YOU SURE?

Okay, let’s get serious. Crank up the sound a bit.

Don’t forget to spend some time letting your hands get familiar with the dimensions of the ball.

Make sure you loosen up those gorgeous stems of yours, too.

Time to get a bit dirty — you don’t want anyone thinking it’s your first time.

Wait for your teammates to get warmed up, too. You set the standard of warm-ups, you know, so they might need some time to get on your level.

Maybe take some time to give the other team a bit of a show.

You feeling pumped up yet?

You think you’re ready to go?

Yeah, it seems like you’re pretty loose.

Just remember: You’re gonna do great out there.

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But even if you don’t, your teammates have your back.

When you first take the field, all your friends will be all like, “I KNOW THAT GUY!”

And the people you don’t even know in the stands will be screaming your name, too.

And when you win, it’ll be so much bigger than you.

23. Now that you’re in the zone, can you solve the case of McDonald’s missing Mighty Wings?

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