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12 Things Only People Who Live For Savoury Flavours Will Understand

How sweet it is to eat savoury foods.

1. Choosing potato chips over chocolate chip cookies…

2. Bringing your own seasoning to meals.

3. Putting cheese on top of everything.

4. Having people look at you like you’re nuts when you say fruit is too sweet.

5. Having people look at you like you're crazy when you're snacking on nuts...AGAIN!

6. Rolling your eyes when your aunt says she brought a pie, but it isn’t even filled with meat.

7. Feeling salty about society's pro-sweet bias.

8. Not understanding why people laugh when you put "giant wheel of cheese" on your wish list.

9. Disliking fruitcake just like everyone else — but for MUCH different reasons.

10. Looking for jerky in your stocking and finding only sweets.

11. Appreciating candy canes for what they are: decorations.

12. Knowing the real desserts are the appetizers.

If you appreciate the savoury things in life, check out the Parmesan & Garlic Seasoned Fries from McDonald’s and indulge your craving.