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11 Epic Mash-Ups To Take Your Summer To The Next Level

Summer's almost over, so why not go all out? Fuel up with a $2.50 Double Combo: a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries from McDonald’s. Get it before it's gone!

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At participating McDonald's. For a limited time only.

2. Capture the Flag meets water balloons.

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You KNOW you're looking for an excuse to bring back the water balloon shenanigans of your youth. You get hit? Go back to base before setting out on another flag capture attempt!

5. A lil' karaoke while sailing under the stars.


Portable speakers and some classic jams surrounded by the endless sea and sky? You may never step foot in a karaoke bar again.

7. Beach bonfire first date.

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Knowing how to build a fire = big-time sexy. And there's really nothing like the sound of the waves, the ocean breeze, and the warmth of the glow to get other types of flames going!

8. DIY hammock camping.

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DIY projects are ON FLEEK this summer. Fashion a simple hammock for yourself and head to a campsite (or your own backyard) to get cozy with nature.

10. Spontaneous summer Friday road trip.

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Your awesome boss lets you bounce early on Fridays? Use those extra hours to pick a town you've never been to, grab some friends, and get your wanderlust on!

Own the rest of your summer and head to McDonald's for some extra awesomeness: a $2.50 Double Combo with a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries.

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At participating McDonald's. For a limited time only.

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