14 Epic Words To Live By

Sometimes a little pick-me-up is just what we need to get through the day.

1. Treat Yo’ Self

Keith Bacongco / Via Flickr: 54106155@N00

Have a bad day? You’re a champion, you deserve a treat.

2. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

lobster_hands / Via instagram.com

A little money is pretty great, though.

3. Good Ain’t Good Enough

Bruna Schenkel / Via Flickr: bluevelvetteapot

Always go one step beyond, you’ll be glad you did!

4. 2 Legit 2 Quit

Quinn Dombrowski / Via Flickr: quinnanya

Keep on keepin’ on, you rule too hard to sit out on life.

5. No Pain, No Gain

Carlos Martinez / Via Flickr: kumanday

After all, you’ve gotta give a little to get anything in return.

6. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Zaneology / Via Flickr: zaneology

Screw the h8rs. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

7. Ride or Die

Marshall Astor / Via Flickr: lifeontheedge

Keep those people around who you really trust, they’re irreplaceable!

8. Carpe Noctem

Bloodknight / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Who needs the daytime? Seize the night!

9. Let’s Do This

Full force, no questions, put in 100%.

10. Git It

Live a little and don’t hold back. Party hardy.

11. Too Blessed 2 Be Stressed

Chris Hamby / Via Flickr: chrishamby

Don’t take life for granted, there are way too many awesome things you still have to do!

12. Think With Your Mouth

Brain need not apply in every situation.

13. Werk It

Kae Yen Wong / Via Flickr: fizzedi

You are beautiful and sassy, werk it.

14. YOLO

borntobewanderlust / Via borntobewanderlust.tumblr.com

Love it or hate it, it’s the phrase of a generation.

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