10 Ways To Survive Music Festival Season

Wondering how to ace your first fest? Take some cues from these seasoned veterans.

1. Sustenance

Kirk Bravender / Via Flickr: 53609860@N00

Some fests will check for contraband coming into the gates, but if you’re allowed outside food bring as much as you can. Who wants to buy a $5 banana?

2. A Water Bottle

Kirk Bravender / Via Flickr: 53609860@N00

Most big festivals won’t let you bring in bottled water, but a reusable water bottle is allowed and will save you a TON of money.

3. Protection

Eva Rinaldi / Via Flickr: 58820009@N05

We mean hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray. Keep that skin silky smooth, guys!

4. Shirts That Aren’t From The Band You’re Watching

- EMR - / Via Flickr: 68778862@N00

Not that we’re judging you or anything, but someone is.

5. Parkas

- EMR - / Via Flickr: emr9801

Rained out? Make sure you have some rain boots and a towel, too!

6. Dry Shampoo

banditob / Via Flickr: 31416379@N00

The perfect illusion of cleanliness. Also bring moist naps if you won’t be near a shower!

7. Portable Phone Charger

Raul Gonzalo / Via Flickr: anim3

How will you Instagram if you have no battery power?!

8. Blankets

hurtingbombz / Via Flickr: justinlim

Pack a picnic blanket for those hang out sessions in between bands, you’ll be glad you did when it starts to get muddy!

9. Light Luggage

A music festival is no time to lug a giant suitcase around. Try to fit all your necessities in a backpack or small bag.

10. Friends To Take Care Of You

- EMR - / Via Flickr: emr9801

After all, that’s what friends are for.

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